The Creators


Symbio Villa was finely crafted over a three-year period, and completed in 2009. The décor is hip, vibrant and comfortable. Essential design elements include:

SYMBIOSIS- Conceptual choices were made throughout the building process to keep a low environmental profile.  Symbio’s design protects the island’s natural rock formations while echoing the surrounding colors such as sand-colored walls and a foliage colored roof.

ULTRA MODERN– An extensive use of concrete and steel throughout the house inspired choices of very sleek, highly stylized furnishings, accented with bursts of Caribbean color. Continental African accent pieces also pay tribute to the islands international heritage and influences.

NAUTICAL– Several elements inspired by yacht motif: compass rose inlay in the foyer floor, steel cable railing around the balconies, portholes in pool and guest bath and sun-sail shade covers at pool and gym decks.